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Year 5 WOW day Visit to Diglis Basin

Year 5 ventured down to Diglis Basin on Wednesday for our Wow day.  The weather was glorious and the children, armed with their questionnaires, walked along the river answering the questions as they went.  The trip was based on our Physical Geography, how the landscape changes naturally and how we have made changes. The pupils found out so much about what is around them in Worcester. Why are the locks actually black and white? Iska found out that it was in the 1950’s and that they were the National English colours. Also chocolate crumbs were transported from Worcester to the Cadbury factory- funny how they remembered this fact!  The Lock Keeper’s Cottage was actually built in 1844- amazing! Bradley told us that swans were royal birds, owned by The Queen.  Please do ask the pupils about the trip, they are still talking about it.    The Year 5 Team