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The Oldbury Aspiration – KASE@Oldbury

This is our ‘Oldbury Aspiration’. This poster is all around our school and shows everyone what we want for our Oldbury pupils in their time at our school. This is our way of taking the CRSAAT’s ‘KASE’ model (below the poster) and making it unique to our school:


KASE: This covers the following RSA agreed approaches to learning –


Our pupils are all entitled to:

  • Know, understand and have mastered the key concepts and questions related to, and arising from, each subject discipline (Expert)
  • Locate their experiences within a broader sense of society and understand the purpose and relevance of subject disciplines (Purposeful)
  • Opportunities for dialogue within subjects to build and use subject specific vocabulary (Fluent)
  • Know and understand their own learning journey with opportunities to explore progress and shape that journey (Self-Regulating)
  • Know, understand and contribute to the assessment process (Self-Directing)

Attributes of Character

All schools will create the conditions in which these can be nurtured.

Our pupils are all entitled to:

  • Experience opportunities to take risks, doing so purposefully and with understanding (Risk-Tolerant)
  • Demonstrate the willingness to persist and overcome difficulties in order to build resilience (Resilient)
  • Reflect upon, and learn from, their own and others’ behaviours (Reflective)
  • Engage with, and develop appreciation of own communities (community spirited) and other communities including their lifestyles, cultures and values (Empathetic)


Our pupils are all entitled to:

  • Generate solutions to authentic problems and challenges with originality as part of a creative process (Problem-Solving)
  • Interact purposefully with others, including groups and teams, in a variety of different contexts (Collaborative)
  • Communicate effectively, frequently and purposefully through different channels including discussion, debate and questioning developing Oracy skills (Communicative)
  • Access texts in order to interpret/understand and write effectively for different purposes (Literate)
  • Engage in, understand and take responsibility for, their part in the learning process and, in addition, contribute to the learning of others (Metacognitive)
  • Learn how to study, retain key information and perform confidently in public examinations (Pragmatic)


Our pupils are all entitled to:

  • Enjoy, experience excitement and find significant value in, their school experience (Engaged & Enthused)
  • Take an active part in visits and trips which are beyond their own life experience or those of their school (Cosmopolitan)
  • Access meaningful and extended opportunities to appreciate what Higher Education and Employment can offer (Autonomous)
  • Be fully involved in an ambitious project which impacts on a wider audience than their peers (Champion)
  • Be stretched by a range of experiences which challenge their view of themselves and their future (Self-Aware)
  • Experience authentic responsibility in and around school (Responsible)