Telephone: 01905 424878
Fax: 01905 339326
Headteacher: Sarah Boyce
Oldbury Road


We have an excellent team at Oldbury Park Primary School. Below you will see a list of our current staff.

Leadership Team

Principal:  Sarah Boyce
Deputy Headteacher:  Margaret Phillips
Assistant Headteachers with responsibility for SEND and Safeguarding:
Rebecca Hall and Sam Burnage
Members of staff responsible for Looked After Children:
Sam Burnage and Rebecca Hall

Office Staff

School Business Manager:  Joanne Fortnam
Administrator: Jackie Coley
Receptionists: Tracey Weston and Sharon Warner
Clerk to Governors:  Sara Marklew

Teaching Staff

Reception Classes
Rachel Cartwright (RC) and Lauren Hall (RH)
with Gill Bowkett, Sally Beswick  / Anna Smyrska, Shirley Reid, Louise Burchell and Kirsty Cole.

Year 1/2
Rebecca Hall / Sarah Pritchard with Karen Bozward (Holly Class)
Sonia Iqbal with Anna Catherwood (Maple Class)
Emma Stallwood with Vicki Davis / Anna Smyrska (Beech Class)

Year 3
Teresa Marks (3TM) and Jamie Mills (3JM) with Amanda Davenport
Year 4
Sharon Condon  / Nikki Doughty (4C) and Gaynor Screen (4S) with Theresa Sheppard
Year 5
Tim Williams  / Anna Wilkinson (5W) and Louise Tudge / Sam Burnage (5T) with Lesley Carter
Year 6
Stephanie Moule (6M) and Kelly Hill (6H) with Julia Ricketts

Higher Level Teaching Assistant covering PPA:
Carole Denning

Mainstream Autism Base:
Ceri Kay (MAB) with Mandy Miller and Beki Harbourne

Rainbow Team (Nurture Room Support):
Sharon McFee

Floating TA:
Sarah Stokes

Lunchtime Supervisors

KS1:  Mariam Nassanga, Emma Hughes, Laura Avery, Dawn Clarke and Liz Waldron.

KS2:  Barbara Davis, Jenine Blockley, Teresa Stevenson, Corina Smart, Tracy Dixon.

MAB:   Alison Pembroke

Sharon Warner (Supervisor)

Caretaking & Cleaning

Site Manager: Nick Monkton

Cleaners:  Barbara Davis, Tracey Dixon, Jenine Blockley, Dawn Clarke, Corina Short and Liz Waldron