Telephone: 01905 424878
Fax: 01905 339326
Headteacher: Sarah Boyce
Oldbury Road


We have an excellent team at Oldbury Park Primary School. Below you will see a list of our current staff.

Leadership Team

Headteacher:  Sarah Boyce
Deputy Headteacher:  Margaret Phillips
Assistant Headteachers with responsibility for SEND and Safeguarding:
Rebecca Hall (currently on maternity leave) and Sam Burnage
Member of staff responsible for Looked After Children:
Sam Burnage

Office Staff

School Business Manager:  Joanne Fortnam
Finance Assistant: Vickie Maguire
Administrator: Jackie Coley
Receptionists: Tracey Weston and Sharon Warner
Vickie Maguire
Clerk to Governors:  Sara Marklew

Teaching Staff

Reception with Year 1
Rachel Cartwright (Ash Class), Lauren Hall (Willow Class), Sarah Pritchard and Anna Wilkinson (Oak Class)
with Emma Stallwood, Vicki Davis, Gill Bowkett, Karen Bozward, Carole Denning, Kim Fox, Shirley Reid, Becky Gwinn and Kirsty Cole.

Year 2
Kate Jackson and Nikki Doughty (2KJ), Laura Jones (2LJ)
with Louise Burchell, Sally Beswick , Anna Catherwood, Shirley Reid and Anna Smyrska.
Year 3
Teresa Marks (3M), Sharon Condon (3C)
with Sam Burnage, Carole Denning, Denis Costello and Amanda Davenport.
Year 4
Stephanie Moule (4M), Sonia Iqbal (4A)
with Nikki Doughty, Theresa Shepherd and Anna Smyrska.
Year 5
Gaynor Screen (5S), Jamie Mills (5M)
with Carole Denning, Lesley Carter and Sarah Stokes.
Year 6
Tim Williams (6W), Kelly Hill (6H)
with Carole Denning, Julia Ricketts, Thelma Beddoes, Morgaine Wilkinson and Sarah Stokes .

Rebecca Hall and Louise Tudge (maternity leave)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:
Carole Denning and Thelma Beddoes

Mainstream Autism Base:
Ceri Kay (MAB) with Mandy Miller and Beki Harbourne

SEN / One to one Support:
Sarah Stokes, Shirley Reid, Morgaine Wilkinson.

Rainbow Team (Nurture Room Support):
Sharon McFee, Sam Burnage and Sharon Warner

Lunchtime Supervisors

KS1:  Sharon Warner (Supervisor), Tracey Dixon, Emma Hughes, Laura Avery, Dawn Clarke.

KS2:  Barbara Davis, Karen Wood,  Jenine Blockley, Teresa Stevenson, Nicky Holton and Denis Costello (Supervisor).

MAB:  Maureen O’Neill and Alison Pembroke

Caretaking & Cleaning

Site Manager: Nick Monkton

Cleaners:  Barbara Davis, Tracey Dixon, Lorna Nicholls, Rose Broughton, Jenine Blockley, Dawn Clarke
Relief Cleaners: Corina Short and Liz Waldron