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Headteacher: Di Smith
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School Council

Our School Council is made up of representatives from each year group from Reception to year 6.

Our School Council meet every week on Fridays after lunch. We share ideas about things that are happening in school and talk about future plans.

We know how important it is to include everyone in school with decisions we make, so we use circle time in our classes to gather the opinions of our classes before we make decisions.

Last year, in the Spring Term School Council worked with the PTA to help plan for new markings on the playgrounds. Everyone in school had the chance to share their ideas, then we put them together to make a plan for the company who came in to give us a quote. We are very excited about the designs and can’t wait to see the finished playgrounds.

This year’s School Council (2016- 17) are:

Kiera and Peter from Year 6
Edward and Mollie from Year 5
Liam and Sophie from Year 4
Emma, Archie, Miles and Phoebe from Year 3
Willem from Year 4 and The Base
Ashleigh and Rudi from Year 2
Isabelle and James from Year 1
Dexter and Evan from Reception.

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