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Eco Committee

At Oldbury Park we aim to educate children about how the actions and choices we make now can affect the world around us and how small changes can have a positive effect on our environment and for generations to come.

Our school has successfully kept the Eco Schools flag flying for more than 10 years, thanks to our knowledgeable and confident eco representatives.

We have close links with the sustainability team at Worcester University who have worked closely with our eco club to expand their experiences and skills.

A representative from every class is elected democratically at the beginning of every year for their place on the Eco Committee. This committee represents the whole school, from Reception to Year Six.
The children on the committee take significant responsibility for the organisation and running of the committee.  They constantly reflect on the positives at our school and how we can make our school an even better Eco school. Responsibilities include monitoring the energy usage and recycling in each classroom, conducting whole school reviews, and leading assemblies to talk to the rest of the school about their findings.

The Eco Code

The Eco Committee developed our Eco Code to reflect our ethos. This is displayed around school and in every classroom.

Energy saving
Walk or cycle to school
Look after our planet
Save our habitats
Keep our school grounds clean
Promote healthy living
Recycle our waste
Keep our animals safe
Keep our school an Eco school
Eco schools are cool!

Can you spot ‘Eco Schools’ in our Eco code?

Eco Topics

The children learn about ten main eco topics:




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