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Curriculum Overview

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                        Curriculum Methodology 2020


At Oldbury Park, our inclusive and personalised curriculum helps to prepare the children for the next stage in their education, and the world beyond. We promote the personal, social, and academic development of each child.

Oracy is at the heart of our curriculum.  We follow the Central RSA Oracy policy and teach the five strands: Linguistic, Physical, Cognitive, Social,  Emotional, to ensure children gain the necessary skills to support them in their learning and in life beyond school. Lessons are taught using memorable experiences that enrich lessons, engage, and excite children and give context to their learning.

The curriculum also includes strong elements that support RSA Commitments to Culture and Creativity, Mental Health and Wellbeing and the World beyond School.

Healthy minds and bodies are of paramount importance at Oldbury Park therefore PE is an important element of our curriculum as we believe it supports children to have a life of participation, builds self-esteem in pupils and supports their mental and physical wellbeing both now and in the future. In addition, the mental wellbeing permeates the curriculum both in lessons, and outside of them. Forest School forms a central part of the curriculum in EYFS and KS1 which supports children to gain life-long skills such as curiosity, communication, teamwork and assessment of risks.

Our strong links with The University of Worcester also enhance the curriculum and provide a wealth of opportunities to foster aspiration and knowledge of the world beyond school.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Central RSA KASE (knowledge, attributes, skills, and experiences).  As a result, sequences of learning are designed to maximise the acquisition of knowledge and skills and lessons are taught through the newly implemented teaching and learning cycle as stated in the Central RSA Teaching and Learning Policy.  Themes and experiences are chosen carefully to ensure that the statutory requirements of the curriculum are fulfilled, context and learning gaps are addressed, and learning experiences are enriched. All children gain valuable ‘cultural capital’ through our curriculum design to enable them to succeed in modern Britain and develop life-long aspirations.

Being inclusive is an extremely important consideration when designing our curriculum at Oldbury Park – children from the Mainstream Autism Base routinely work alongside other children which helps them to develop confidence and enables other children to become more understanding, respectful and supportive towards other people.  Inclusivity within the curriculum supports our mental health agenda also.

We believe in connectivity within and between subjects. Our newly developing curriculum is based around key subject concepts which enables us to ensure consistency and progress across subjects at the same time as ensuring the context is relevant to our cohorts. The curriculum design builds on prior learning whilst the contexts selected enable teachers and pupils to make meaningful connections across subjects and for pupils to apply their knowledge and skills in a range of subjects.

 Phonics at Oldbury Park

Phonics curriculum