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Our Curriculum

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You can see our Curriculum in Action by looking through our Spring and Summer Term Newsletters here



The Central RSA Academies Primary Curriculum Overview

Click to view the Curriculum overview taught at Oldbury Park here: Overview


The Oldbury Park Primary Curriculum Methodology

Click to view how we teach the Curriculum at Oldbury Park here: Curriculum Methodology


Designing Great Learning

At Oldbury, we design our learning using the Central RSA Trust’s Learning Cycle. Our teaching staff plan in teams across the school and across the Trust with our core aim of offering an irresistible curriculum to our pupils.



Phonics and Reading at Oldbury Park

Read about how we teach phonics at Oldbury here: Phonics curriculum

Click here for our Reading Rationale which explains how we plan, teach and weave together the different strands of reading: Reading Rationale


Inclusion – Mental Wellbeing & Pastoral Provision

At Oldbury Park, we support our pupils with licensed Thrive practitioners – read about our Thrive provision here: Thrive at Oldbury