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Headteacher: Sarah Boyce
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Please follow the links below for additional information relating to school admissions.

Worcestershire County Council is the admissions authority for this school. Please contact the local authority for further information.

See below for some useful admission information.


For parents / carers with children starting school for the first time:

Starting School Guide (pdf)

Appendix 1a Admission Policy 2018 CO and VC First and Primary Schools (1)

For parents / carers with Year 6 children moving on to high school:

Appendix 1b Admission Policy 2018 CO and VC Middle and High Schools

Arrangements for 2018-19:

Appendix 3a A Coordinated Scheme First Primary and Middle Schools 2019

Appendix 3b A Coordinated Scheme Secondary Schools 2019

Appendix 2 Feeder School Links

Appendix 4 – Published Admission Number Changes

Admissions link to WCC

Arrangements for 2019-20:

The Determined Admission Arrangements for Worcestershire Schools for the academic year 2019/20 can now be viewed at the following link:



Worcestershire County Council website starting school  admission procedure link:

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