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RSPB Visit to Year 5

On Tuesday, Year 5 were visited by two members of the RSPB, who came to talk to us about birds, linking with our topic Outside Our Window.  We found out about different species of birds, what they eat, where they live and all sorts of other fascinating facts.  Year 5 listened very well and asked lots of interesting questions.  We all finished the morning having learned something we didn’t know before.  Here are some examples: “Birds lose weight overnight.” (Mrs Tudge) “Magpies are great predators.” “If birds don’t wash, they can’t fly as well.” (Olivia) “Baby birds can fly by a maximum of three weeks old.” (Freyja) The school was then given five beautiful books about birds and all of the children were given an RSPB magazine to enjoy.  We would like to thank Patrick and Margaret for giving up their time to come into school and giving us such an interesting talk.