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Headteacher: Di Smith
Oldbury Road

Year 5

"The children are constantly encouraged to challenge themselves within activities and are given plenty of opportunities to work independently."

Welcome to Year 5!

In Year 5, the class teachers are Mr Williams (5W) and Mrs Tudge (5T).  Mr Burnage is in 5T on a Monday afternoon and Friday and in 5W on a Wednesday.

We believe that learning should be fun and our topics give the children great opportunities to develop knowledge of the world around them, to broaden their own personal attributes as learners, to develop key skills in a wide range of subjects and to enjoy life experiences which help set them up for their next challenge in life.

Despite the upheaval of the coronavirus, we endeavour to ensure that our classrooms are warm, friendly and welcoming and provide a supportive environment for children to learn: we believe in supporting the children to become more confident so that they can have a go and learn from mistakes, not fear them.  We want ALL the children to be confident when talking and explaining what they know.

We strongly believe that if children work hard, listen well and have memorable experiences, they will have an enjoyable and successful Year 5!


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