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All schools now follow the 2014 National Curriculum and topics are planned to cover all the learning objectives across the year. Topics are also aimed to be “boy-friendly” to encourage standards in boys’ writing.

The teachers have allocated time during each week to meet and plan for the following week’s work. Once a term, they may plan a trip or a visitor to school which is appropriate to the topic and current learning.

Please find below links to the most recent class letters detailing the curriculum coverage for the term ahead. We hope you will find these interesting and an aid to support your child’s learning within their topic.

Spring Term 2019 -Year 6 Curriculum Topic Fact Sheet – The Vikings

Year 6 Viking Topic Sheet

Spring Term 2019 – Year 5 Curriculum Topic Fact Sheet

Y5 Living in the 21st Century

Spring Term 2019 – Year 4 Curriculum – Time Travellers Topic fact Sheet

Y4 Topic Fact Sheet – Our Wonderful World

Spring Term 2019 – Year 3 – The Romans Curriculum Topic

Y3 Roman Topic Fact Sheet

Spring Term 2019 – Year 2 Curriculum Topic

Y2 Time Travellers Topic Fact Sheet

Spring Term 2019 Reception / Year 1 Topic

ReceptionY1Curriculum Topic ‘If you go down to the woods today…’

Year 3 January Wow Day

Roman WOW Day  On Tuesday 8th January, Year 3 will be having a WOW day to kick off our Roman topic.  As part of this WOW day, we would like to take the children outside on the field (weather permitting).  Please could your child bring their Forest School clothing to school on that day (wellies, warm

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Year 3 Harry Potter Wow Day – December 2018!

Year 3 Harry Potter Day On Friday 7th December we were surprised to find the Year 3 classrooms full of Harrys and Hermiones. We had a magical day making potions, building Hogwarts and posing as characters on a film set.

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