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All schools now follow the 2014 National Curriculum and topics are planned to cover all the learning objectives across the year. Topics are also aimed to be “boy-friendly” to encourage standards in boys’ writing.

The teachers have allocated time during each week to meet and plan for the following week’s work. Once a term, they may plan a trip or a visitor to school which is appropriate to the topic and current learning.

Please find below links to the most recent class letters detailing the curriculum coverage for the term ahead. We hope you will find these interesting and an aid to support your child’s learning within their topic.

Year 5 WOW day Visit to Diglis Basin

Year 5 ventured down to Diglis Basin on Wednesday for our Wow day.  The weather was glorious and the children, armed with their questionnaires, walked along the river answering the questions as they went.  The trip was based on our Physical Geography, how the landscape changes naturally and how we have made changes. The pupils

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Year 5 Magistrates Visit

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from 2 local Magistrates on Monday afternoon. Mrs Hulland and Mr Poppleton. They began by discussing what the pupils thought the role of a magistrate was. Nathan explained it was a court, mainly for young people. “Why is there an odd number of magistrates?” Mr Poppleton enquired. Immy and Edward

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Year 2 Parent Workshop

On Monday, during a very wet afternoon, Year 2 had fun sharing their learning with their families. The children impressed everyone as they became ‘Table Troopers’ to show off their 10 times table knowledge. The families also got the chance to learn some new Maths and Spelling strategies to use at home with the children.

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Year 5 Curriculum Information Autumn 18

Year 5 Curriculum Information Autumn 18

Year 3 Curriculum Information Autumn 18

Year 3 Curriculum Information Autumn 18

Year 6 Curriculum Information Autumn 18

Year 6 Curriculum Information Autumn 2018

Year 2 Curriculum Information Autumn 18

Year 2 Curriculum Letter Autumn 18

Year 4 Curriculum Information for Autumn Term 18

Year 4 Autumn Curriculum Information18

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